Linux Linux

I use Linux on my Desktops and Minecraft Server, and have been doing so for the last 3 years. Not only am I an active user of Linux, but I am also an active community member, trying to help other users.

I have used a lot of Linux Distros (Different versions of the operating system that use the Linux Kernel, with lots of other software included ontop of it). My favourite Linux Distros are:

Fedora Linux.

My preferred Linux Distro for the Desktop. I am also an active member of the Fedora Community.

Debian Linux.

The ultra-stable Linux Distro I use for my Minecraft Server.

Arch Linux.

The Linux Distro I use for containers like Distrobox, and the home of the super helpful Arch Wiki.


An awesome distro for Linux Developement using the Nix package manager.
You can check out my NixOS configuration files here.

Gentoo Linux.

A fun and unique Linux Distro for tinkering , but not for the light-hearted.


My favourite up-and-coming Linux Distro, showcasing the future of immutable Linux Distros.

Just as I like many Linux Distros, I also am a huge fan of many of the open-source communities and their many projects that allow them to exist and flurish in our crazy eco-system.

Some of the my favourites (in the Desktop space) are:


Makers of the inclusive, stable and refined GNOME desktop, and GNOME circle apps utilising GTK4/Libadwita, like Planify to-do list and Amberol Music Player.


Simple by default, powerful when needed. Home of the Plasma Desktop, and powerful apps like Krita, Kdenlive, KConnect and Kate.

Sway WM.

The first ever Window Manager I've used, thats as lightweight as it is tweakable and hackable, while keeping all the benefits of a modern Wayland Desktop.


My favourite way of managing applications on Linux, allowing me to use a graphical app store to download any applications I need, that will work the exact same on any Linux Distro I use.

For Linux news and information, I also like to listen to and watch these amazing Youtubers.

The Linux Experiment.

Nicco Loves Linux.

Veronica Explains.

Personal System / Server Specs:

Computer Name.

Main Gaming/Editing PC.

Main Laptop:


Intel i5-10505.

Intel i5-1135G7.





Radeon RX 6400XT.

Intel Iris XE Graphics.


1TB HDD + 512GB SSD + 240GB SSD



Fedora Workstation + Windows 11 Pro.

Fedora Workstation.

GTK4/Libadwaita Development Libadwaita

Git Link To Gnome Stories.

This is where I'll upload my progress with learning the Rust Porgramming Language and GTK app development.

Using my knowledge in Rust and Python, and my love for GNOME and Libadwita apps, I am making simple apps of my own.